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Balanced Scorecard Strategic Planning

Have you ever been frustrated with your strategic planning process? You spend a lot of time and resources to create a plan that sits on your shelf, only to be dusted off in 4 years as you create your next 5-year plan. We can help!

Tractus has partnered with Cornerstone Leadership Strategies to offer a succinct strategic planning process that has built-in accountability measures to keep your organization on tract in implementing the plan. This inclusive process creates an achievable strategic plan while building buy-in from various levels of your organization.


Highlights of the process include:


  • Align organizational mission, vision, and strategic goals within a 16 hour process (four, 4-hour segments over 4-8 weeks)

  • Create a balanced scorecard that keeps your organization on tract and accountable

  • Monitor key plan components on a monthly basis to get results
  • One guaranteed price, including all material costs (travel costs are not included)

Business Brainstorming
Business Meeting

Organizational Training

We have developed a range of training solutions to assist organizations in addressing key talent management gaps.  Our training blends proven human capital management strategies with practical applications that can be adapted to meet your particular needs and goals. Formats range from small-group sessions to open-enrollment workshops, with delivery options including in-person or virtual.


Frequently requested training includes:


  • Evaluating job roles and the candidates who apply for them 

  • Engaging and motivating employees 

  • Building team cohesion and enhancing collaboration 

  • Developing bench strength 

  • Managing performance for real results 

  • Having difficult conversations  

  • Mid and long-term succession planning

Organizational Consulting

Finding the best solutions to overcome your organization’s challenges requires both an understanding of what makes your organization unique and the ability to dig deeply to identify causes and generate solutions.   At Tractus Strategic Partners, we have the expertise and objectivity you need to identify and evaluate the root causes of your organization’s human capital challenges so you can focus your time and energies on strengthening your team's performance.   

Our focus areas include: 

  • Role design

  • Recruitment and retention  

  • Performance management

  • Employee engagement 

  • Talent development  

  • Preparation for the future of the organization

Business Conference

Organizational Change  & Transition

Most organizational leaders will find themselves in a change process or transition, whether planned or not, at some point in their organization's lifespan. Changes comes in all shapes and sizes - from shifting roles and responsibilities when team members leave, to developing new products and services to meet the needs of the market, to exploring new processes or physical locations due to environmental emergencies. Many times, leaders aren't sure where to start or how to manage the change process. Our TSP experts will help you navigate the uncertainties of change and to think about positive outcomes for all.

We are ready to support you and your team as you:: 

  • Prepared for a planned change, or assess the situation

  • Craft a suitable change process

  • Implement the change process

  • Review progress and analyze the outcomes

What are your Organizational Needs?

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