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Regenerative Leadership

Regenerative Leadership (RL) is a framework for fostering a vibrant, people-centered culture for the 21st century. Regenerative leadership is an innovative approach that fosters life-giving conditions, instead of the conventional methods that erode social, physical, and emotional resources. Through RL, we reimagine organizational structures and processes to shift away from stressful and unsustainable systems to ones that support individuals, teams, and organizations in renewing, replenishing, and revitalizing themselves. By learning and applying RL, we can create a sustainable future that benefits everyone involved.

We have a variety of trainings to guide managers into becoming regenerative leaders:

Becoming a Regenerative Leader:

A How-To Workshop

  • Objective: Equip participants with an understanding of regenerative leadership skills and acumen, and provide actionable steps for fostering regenerative leadership within their organizations.

  • Duration: 90-minutes, 4-hour, and full-day options available

Embracing Regenerative Leadership: Transforming Your Organization for a Thriving Future

  • Objective: Equip organizational leaders with the understanding and skills needed to adopt and implement regenerative leadership principles, fostering a culture of sustainability, innovation, and resilience.

  • Duration: Full-day workshop (8 hours)

Navigating the Future with the Three Horizon Framework: Fostering Innovation and Resilience in your Organization

  • Objective: Equip leaders with the understanding and skills needed to apply the 3 Horizons Framework, enabling organizations to navigate future uncertainties, foster innovation, and build resilience.

  • Duration: 2-day workshop (16 hours)

Implementing Deep Narrative Change: A High-Velocity Approach to Intense Strategic Communications

  • Objective: Equip teams and individual leaders with the understanding and skills needed to navigate and drive narrative change within their organizations, fostering collaboration, innovation, and positive impact.

  • Duration: 3 hours

Donut Economics: Embracing Regenerative Leadership and Social Equity for a Thriving Organization

  • Objective: Provide participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to draft a high-level plan for implementing the principles of Donut Economics in your organization, fostering a regenerative trajectory.

  • Duration: Full-day workshop (8 hours)

Becoming a Regenerative Follower: Applying RL Concepts in a Followership Role

  • Objective: Provide followers with the understanding and skills needed to collaborate with their regenerative leader and work within a regenerative organization.

  • Duration: 90-minutes and 4-hour options available

Partner with us to create a new way of working:

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