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Management Tradecraft Workshops

Help your members hone their management skills with our interactive series of workshops.


It's easy as 1 -2 -3:


1) Choose the time: What day works best for your members? Do they prefer a half- or full-day?


2) Pick workshops: 1-2 workshop topics for a half-day, or 3-4 workshop topics for a full day

** Add a 60-minute brown-bag luncheon to cultivate additional skills **


3) Schedule your session: Contact us today to set up your training

All sessions are facilitated by industry and practice experts.

Each workshop topic is offered in various lengths: 60 minutes, 90-120 minutes, or 3-4 hours

Workshops are interactive with discussion questions, exercises, and case studies

Additional topics are available upon request

Request a Workshop Here:
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Building the Right Team

New job

Explore best practices in designing an effective hiring process. Better understand the financial, operational, and performance impacts of poor hiring decisions.

All Hands In

Fostering Cohesion, Collaboration & Performance

Identify different elements and barriers of team cohesion and collaboration and their impact on the way teams accomplish their goals.

Casual Business Meeting

Strengthening Interpersonal Communication

Recognize and practice components of effective supervisory communication. Explore conflict management styles and when each style is more appropriate.

Climate Protest

Leading During Challenge

Compare various organizational challenges and aspects of organizational learning. Propose processes for developing growth mindsets in today's organizations. Learn leadership techniques to manage change.

Brainstorm to Success

Strategic Planning for your People

Explore the purpose of succession planning at all levels of the organization. Introduce a succession planning model to implement in organizations.

Working from Home

Becoming a Regenerative Leader

Equip participants with an understanding of regenerative leadership skills and acumen, and provide actionable steps for fostering regenerative leadership within their organizations.

Request a Management
Tradecraft Workshop:

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