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Data Processing


At Tractus, we use data and proven analysis tools to help managers put their organizational decisions into context. We do this through a variety of assessments, which can be used as stand-alone services or in combination with our other services.


We provide assessments for individuals, dyads, teams, and boards to help you better understand yourself and others.

Behaviors (DISC) are easily observable and indicate the preferred style we use to interact with our environment and others. TTI SI Behaviors examine the behaviors individuals bring to the job and life, in general. Behaviors explain the “how.”


12 Driving Forces (Motivators) are personal drivers or the “why” we do what we do. Driving Forces help illuminate and amplify a person’s motivating factors and can be referred to as the aspects of life that you are passionate about, things that you perceive as important, or the thoughts that provide you with purpose and direction in life.


Emotional Intelligence provides insight into understanding a person’s ability to sense, understand, and regulate self and social situations that enable high levels of collaboration and productivity. (Based on Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence model.)


KAI measures an individual’s style of problem-solving and creativity. In other words, how does a person prefer to approach a problem to solve it, or what structures do they need to solve a problem? This inventory will help you better understand your own problem-solving needs. Through the debriefing process, we explore how teams can better work together and what each person needs to thrive.


ROI captures and measures the value that projects or programs bring to the organization.  The ROI Methodology® process is a proven and systematic method for evaluating any program or project to impact and ROI. This 12-step process is broken down into 6 areas: Why, How, What, How Much, What’s it Worth, and So What?

We consult with you to work backwards from business impact on a project and design to measure ROI and benefit cost ratio.

Let's Work Together

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